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Karl Gude: Video tutorials about Twitter

Karl Gude, former Graphics Director for Newsweek, now teaches at Michigan State University’s School of Journalism. He created this series of video tutorials about Twitter for his students in 2011. They remain valuable because Twitter has changed little in the meanwhile. The series not only explains the mechanics of this remarkable social media tool but how you can make the most of it.

Twitter tutorial 1: How to sign up, follow someone and send a tweet

Twitter tutorial 2: Settings menu, Design, Profile photo

Twitter tutorial 3: What are # @ RT symbols for?

Twitter tutorial 4: Lists, how to find cool people to follow

Twitter tutorial 5: Tweeting links and shortening them

Twitter tutorial 6: for posting photos

Twitter tutorial 7: Forget! Use TweetDeck or Hootsuite

CJA Note: Journalists rely on Twitter to stay abreast of breaking news and to solicit tips and information from the community.Tweets can also be embedded directly into stories using Storify, one of the 5 Cool Tools we think everyone should know about.

Karl’s full bio on Huffington Post:
Karl Gude is a creative storyteller and visual communicator who who teaches courses at Michigan State University’s School of Journalism on The Creative Process, Social Media Marketing, Visual Communication and Information Graphics. Gude was the Director of Information Graphics at Newsweek magazine, the Associated Press and other news organizations. During his more than quarter century in news, Karl, an artist and designer, used visual tools like drawings, maps, charts and diagrams to communicate the stories behind seven presidential elections, a slew of wars, natural disasters, scientific and medical discoveries and a multitude of terrorist attacks, including the attack on the World Trade Center while at Newsweek.


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