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Course Offerings


We are just beginning to build our roster of offerings. Please come back often for new offerings. Please also email us at citizenjournalismacademy AT with suggestions about posting you would like to see.


– Poulson: Stephen King, ledes and reporting on the environment – Dave Poulson, associate director of the Knight Center for Environmental Journalism, adapts Stephen King’s advice for writing compelling beginnings for his novels to engaging readers when reporting on the environment. (The advice also applies to many different kinds of reporting.


-Bucqueroux: 15 Ways To Make Money From Your Citizen Journalism Site – One of the most challenging issues facing citizen journalism is how to make enough money to stay afloat. This article offers a comprehensive list of current options. Your best bet is to think multiple revenue streams.

Marketing & Promotion

– Bucqueroux: 6 Tips on Growing an Audience – One that comes back and sends friends.


– Bucqueroux: Painting with Light and Sound – Our series of tutorial on making better images and videos to tell all or parts of your stories.

Social Media

Steve Buttry: Put the Crowd to Work – A Slideshare on your to engage your audience, as sources and to build trust.
Karl Gude: Video tutorials about Twitter – Seven tutorials on everything you need to know about Twitter from Karl Gude, a master of social media.


Storify helps you engage visitors by making it easy to post more often – Even if you only have a few minutes, Storify can help you build a compelling narrative, which can help you keep a steady stream of quality content flow onto your site.

Bucqueroux: 5 Cool Tools for Your Blog of News Site – What you need to know about Scribd, Timeline.JS, Storify, and Soundslides.


Bucqueroux: Create a Custom WordPress Header in Photoshop CS6 – Many WordPress themes allow you to create a custom header to brand your site.


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